Meet Greg: The Creative Mind Behind the Pixels 🚀
Hey there, I'm Grzegorz Kemona. I'm all about elevating people's lives through thoughtful design. Every day is a fresh chance to learn something new, and I honestly enjoy connecting with folks who are keen to share their innovative ideas with the world.
I've sharpened my design skills throughout my journey and have delved into the nuances of UX/UI and digital design by learning from other designers and applying these to projects in my spare time and at work. I've always been a big-picture guy, like seeing a product evolve from a just an idea to its final development phase.
I also like working and chatting over a good cup of coffee.
Career background ✍️
I kicked off my career as a young, ambitious designer, soaking up knowledge from anyone who had even a smidgen more wisdom than me. But the real game-changer came at iProspect, where I joined a team of some of the most competent people I've ever met, and my design sense skyrocketed. From there, each job was like a puzzle piece, adding to my ever-growing skill set. At E-TOTO and BioInfoBank, I was the full-throttle creative guy, but also felt the calling to become an Art Director. B-BIO was my first serious challenge in steering a company's visual direction, while at Cut The Mustard, I honed my craft working on big industry players and tenders. Thanks to these experiences, I'm not just a designer; I'm also a marketing-savvy, click-analyzing, emotion-evoking color wizard who can whip up a social media strategy that clients will love. And let's not forget my knack for designing killer websites and diving deep into UX analysis, a field I'm still eager to learn more about.
After hours
Beyond the pixels and color palettes, I have a deep passion for illustration, especially in the retrofuturistic style. It's a blend of past visions of the future, and I absolutely love it.
When I'm not pushing pixels, you'll find me diving into the world of retrofuturistic illustrations, shooting hoops, or exploring the cosmos (at least in my imagination).
So, if you're looking for a digital design expert who combines creativity with UX/UI experience and a genuine passion for branding, you're in the right place. Let's turn your vision into reality. Drop me a line, and let's chat!
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